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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fr. Heinrich's Work in Japan

Fr. Alphonse Heinrich founder of Marianists in Japan.

Marianist Founders in Japan

Rev. Nicholas Walter and Bro. Joseph Senentz arrived in Yokohama from the USA on December 21,1887. This team moved to Tokyo the following day.

Rev. Alphonse Heinrich and Bros. Louis Stolz and Camillus Planche arrived in Yokohama on January 4, 1988. (via latina # 220 — February 2013)

After a time, the Marianists had funds to purchase land and build a school, Gyosei Gakuen (Morning Star). On July 23, 1890, the community moved their belongings to the newly acquired property, which comprised a school for girls, and several residences.

Good Father Simler recommended that The Marianists open a novitiate as soon as possible. Nagasaki, a flourishing center of Catholicity, was the chosen site. In January of 1891 the Vicar Apostolic of southern Japan, Msgr. met Fr. Heinrich and suggested that the founding of a college in Nagasaki would be the best means to that end.

In November 1891 Kaisei Gakuen (Star of the Sea) was opened for classes.

More Brothers came from Europe and some from America, and in 1898 another school was about to be opened in Osaka. Along with the authorization to undertake this new work, came the appointment of Father Heinrich as Vice-Provincial of Japan.

This nomination of Vice Provincial extended Fr. Heinrich's powers. With the approval of his Council, he named Brother Wolff the new Director in Osaka. Meisei Gakuen (Bright Star) was completed in 1898.

Father Heinrich decided to open a school for the foreign element in Yokohama. He appointed Brother Stoltz as director. Bro. Stoltz was sent to Yokohama to rent a building for the opening in September of St. Joseph's college. The school was open for classes on September 19, 1901.

Father Alphonse Heinrich left us on December 28, 1939, at two o'clock in the morning, being then in the 80th year of his age, and the 63rd of his religious profession. lf he could have delayed his departure just another week, he would have completed his 52nd year at the mission.

The above was taken from Biographical Sketches, Volume 9, Maryhurst Normal, Kirkwood Mo. pg. 67-88

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