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Sunday, September 30, 2012

FMI Formation House in Incheon

Blessing Ceremony of the Daughter of Mary (Marianist) Formation Center in Incheon on November 25, 2011. The Center's building is at the top of the hill.

Incheon Auxiliary Bishop John Baptist Jung Shin-chul (정신철) officiated at the Mass.

Mar. 1, 2011

Ground Breaking of the Formation House.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Korean Regional Center Plans

By October 2010 The Region was able to acquire the lot at 647-18 in Todang-dong to be used for the Regional Formation complex. the Region would use this complex for future apostolates. (Aniv bk-pg 348)

2010 Marianist Korean Region plan for future apostolates. Caption of the photo: Bird's-eye View of Regional Center at Todang Dong.

Regional Center September 4, 2011 Ground Breaking ceremony.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Development of Marianists in the Philippines

Marianist Foundation

Bro. Richard Joyal, a member of the Marianist Region of Canada was sent by the Marianist General Administration to research a possible foundation in the Philippines. He arrived in Manila on January 22, 2004. He spent several months visiting Bishops and religious communities. In July, Richard experienced community life again at the International Meeting for Marianist Formators held in Nairobi, Kenya (June 13-July 11 2004).

On the basis of his reports, the General Administration decided to establish the first Marianist religious community in Davao City on the island of Mindanao. (Alive in the Philippines December 2004).

Bros. Oscar Kerketta and Victor Sahayaraj from India arrived on September 23rd; Fr. Pablo Rambaud from Spain on the 28th joined Bro. Richard Joyal from Canada. The Marianist religious community in Davao City was now completed. The Community considers Oct. 2, 2004 as the date of its establishment in the Philippines. (SM Philippines)

Balay Pasilungan Apostolate

Fr. Pat Devlin SM (Marist Fathers) began caring for Filipino Street Children on May 4, 1989. Fr. Pat worked with Caritas of the Archdiocese of Davao until the program was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as "Foundation of Balay Pasilungan INC".

The center was turned over to the Marist Sisters who worked with Filipino Street Children up to fifteen year of age (1999-2005).

In 2005 The Marianists in Davao adopted Balay Pasilungan as their Community apostolate. The center is accredited and is licensed to operate from the Department of Social Welfare and Development(DSWD). In 2006 The executive Director was Bro. Richard Joyal, The Deputy Director was Fr. Pablo Rambaud with assistant Bro. Oscar Kerketta. More news about Marianist in the Philippines: Alive in the Philippines November 2008

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fiftieth Anniversary Book TOC 3

Table of Contents

V. Era of the Regional Superior (1981-1994)

1. Era of new beginnings-pg 197

2. Korean Region guidelines-pg 199

3. New challenges-pg 202

New wine new wine-skins-pg 202

New apostolates-pg 218

Yet another break-through-pg 240

Table of Contents

VI. Marianist Korean Region (1994-2010)

1. Independence (1994-2004)-pg 283

2. Era of the Independent Region- (2005-2010)-pg 319

Korean Region charter-pg 319

Independent Region takes off-pg 321

Credits-pg 354

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fiftieth Anniversary Book TOC 2

Table of Contents

III. The Marianist District of Korea (1968-1973)

1. Seoul Formation Building project completed -pg 109

2. Fr. Jim Mifsud is superior of Seoul Formation Community and building-pg 113

3. Pacific Province approves Korea as District-pg 128

Korea Foundation becomes the Korean District-pg 128

Cooperation between Pacific Province and the Korean District-pg 131

Table of Contents

IV. Korean District and Fr. Jim Mifsud (1973-1980)

1.Positive Formation policy of Fr. Jim Mifsud.-pg 137

2.Development of Marianist Mokpo High School and Hyo Song School in Seoul-pg 140

Developing Hyo Song School and its Management-pg 147

3. Korean District and future plans-pg 153

Development of Marianist Lay groups-pg 153

Five year plan for the transfer of leadership-pg 161

Visiting the Pacific Province and taking part in International events.-pg 175

First Korean advances to the priesthood and preparation of missionaries-pg 183

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fiftieth Anniversary Book TOC 1

Table of Contents

I. Marianist Mission in Korea (1960-1970)

1. Marianists Active in Gwangju-pg 7

Plans made for Korea Implantation-pg 7

Missionaries arrive in Korea-pg 21

Guangju Soshin High School-pg 28

2. Mokpo Marianist Middle School-pg 43

Fund Raising (1962-64)-pg 43

First community settlement-pg 46

Construction of the school-pg 50

School and Marianist residence completed-pg 55

Table of Contents

II. Austria-Germany Province Activity in Korea (1963-1975)

1. Jeonju Diocese and Stella Maris(해성) School.-pg 65

Jeonju, first autonomous diocese in Korea-pg 65

Stella Maris historical roots-pg 67

Jeonju Stella Maris Middle School opening-pg 70

Jeonju Stella Maris High School opening-pg 72

2. Austria sends missionaries to Korea-pg 78

Decisions made to send missionaries-pg 78

Fr. Paul Schmidt and Bro. Josef Gossenreiter settle in Jeonju-pg 88

Marianists of Austria activity in Jeonju-pg 100

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interim Seoul Community 2008

For some time the Region looked for property to buy for a residence for the Region. On June 17 2008 the District finally found a temporary location. The photo shows the building for the Regional offices now located at Mang Won Dong Mapo-Gu Seoul Seongsan 47-8. A second location is used for normal daily business such as the Marian Library and a Family Hall.

Contact Information.


47-8 Seong San Dong
Mapo-Gu 121-843
Seoul, Korea.

Telephone: 02-323-1416

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Korean District Candidates in Philippines

Left to right: Michael Ki, Bro. Oscar Kerketta, Renato Alias, Fr. Joseph Lu, Fr. Pablo Rambaud and Bro. John Woo, formation liaison with the Region of Korea

Fr. Pablo Rambaud from the Province of Spain has been appointed to another term as the superior for the Foundation of the Philippines.

Renato “Renz” Alias of the Foundation of the Philippines has been accepted to the East Asian Novitiate in Davao and will begin in August 2012. Fr. Joseph Lu, a Chinese priest, and Michael Ki, both of the Region of Korea, will join Renato in the novitiate. Fr. Pablo will serve as novice director and Bro. Oscar Kerketta, of the Region of India, is the assistant.

On June 18 2012, the Marianist community of Davao City formally accepted Jeovane Castro and Michael Corsonado into the aspirancy program. Fr. Pablo was the main celebrant and Bro. Timothy Phillips, community director, led the rite of acceptance into the aspirancy program. Bro. Oscar was also present.

Update from

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Isabella Moyer Circular 3

Shrine of Our Lady of the Pillar in Saragossa, Spain

MLC International Team 2009-2013

Isabella R. Moyer (President) Access her Circular HERE

Ernest Kasongo, Brother Domingo Fuentes, SM
Félix Arqueros Pérez, Isabel Duarte Quapper

Susan Vogt: Regional Responsible
North America - Asia

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marian Library in Korea

Two Trips to Korea

in 1975 the Pacific Province assigned me to Korea. On August 17, 1975, after a long plane trip and a wait as a transient at Haneda Airport Japan, I arrived in Korea. Our Korean Marianists and resident Bro. Paul Nomi met me at the airport. We went to our Seoul Formation house with address "The Marianists, Mang Won Dong 403-2, Mapo Gu, Seoul, Korea". The Formation house was the only building on the property.

In 1999 Provincial Assistant for Temporalities asked me to go to Korea with him for his visit to the Korean District. On September 15, 1999, Bro. John Haster and I left for Korea. Fr. Timothy Kim picked us up at the Kimpo Airport. We arrived in the small parking lot adjacent to the new "Family of Mary Building" where we were staying. The next day Fr. Pascal Lee celebrated a mass for us at the Novitiate Community at the Seoul Formation house.

At some point Fr. Timothy and Bro. Vianney Ahn took us on a tour of the Marian Library located in the basement of the Family of Mary building. The library was divided into two rooms, one with shelves for the books and another a conference room with a blackboard and seating for about 100 people. There were about 2000 books on the shelves with another 2000 to be unpacked on the floor. There was room for about 20,000 books.

In developing the library Fr. Timothy Kim was advised by Fr. John Roten of the Marian Library in Dayton. Bro. Vianney Ahn took care of the donations to the Library from the Pacific and Cincinnati Provinces. The Cincinnati Province had given $25,000 and the Pacific Province $10,000 for the Library

Opening of the Library

Fr. John Roten, International Marian Resarch Institute (IMRI) manager, at the front entrance of the Family of Mary building for the Opening Ceremony of the Marian Library on October 2, 2000.

Attending the ceremony were Auxiliary Bishop of Seoul Paul Kim Ok-kyun and Fr. Johann Roten as well as many guests and dignitaries.

In 2008 the Marian Library was moved to the interim location.

Map of International FMI

This image shows the world wide locations of Marianist foundations of the Marianist Sisters (Daughters of Mary-FMI). To access links on this map click Here.