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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fiftieth Anniversary Book TOC 1

Table of Contents

I. Marianist Mission in Korea (1960-1970)

1. Marianists Active in Gwangju-pg 7

Plans made for Korea Implantation-pg 7

Missionaries arrive in Korea-pg 21

Guangju Soshin High School-pg 28

2. Mokpo Marianist Middle School-pg 43

Fund Raising (1962-64)-pg 43

First community settlement-pg 46

Construction of the school-pg 50

School and Marianist residence completed-pg 55

Table of Contents

II. Austria-Germany Province Activity in Korea (1963-1975)

1. Jeonju Diocese and Stella Maris(해성) School.-pg 65

Jeonju, first autonomous diocese in Korea-pg 65

Stella Maris historical roots-pg 67

Jeonju Stella Maris Middle School opening-pg 70

Jeonju Stella Maris High School opening-pg 72

2. Austria sends missionaries to Korea-pg 78

Decisions made to send missionaries-pg 78

Fr. Paul Schmidt and Bro. Josef Gossenreiter settle in Jeonju-pg 88

Marianists of Austria activity in Jeonju-pg 100

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