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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fiftieth Anniversary Book TOC 2

Table of Contents

III. The Marianist District of Korea (1968-1973)

1. Seoul Formation Building project completed -pg 109

2. Fr. Jim Mifsud is superior of Seoul Formation Community and building-pg 113

3. Pacific Province approves Korea as District-pg 128

Korea Foundation becomes the Korean District-pg 128

Cooperation between Pacific Province and the Korean District-pg 131

Table of Contents

IV. Korean District and Fr. Jim Mifsud (1973-1980)

1.Positive Formation policy of Fr. Jim Mifsud.-pg 137

2.Development of Marianist Mokpo High School and Hyo Song School in Seoul-pg 140

Developing Hyo Song School and its Management-pg 147

3. Korean District and future plans-pg 153

Development of Marianist Lay groups-pg 153

Five year plan for the transfer of leadership-pg 161

Visiting the Pacific Province and taking part in International events.-pg 175

First Korean advances to the priesthood and preparation of missionaries-pg 183

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