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Monday, November 5, 2012

Marianist Act of Consecration

October 2012

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Original Act of Consecration to the Blessed Virgin

"August Virgin, Daughter of the Eternal Father, Mother of Jesus Christ, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, such glorious qualities give you the most legitimate and inviolable rights over us. But we also wish to belong to you by the most free and most voluntary act. Incomparable Virgin, accept in this moment our homage: it is due to you under so many titles!

O Mary, Mother of a God, we offer you, from the depths of our hearts, a homage of veneration and dependency. We revere you on that brightest throne where, higher than the heavens, there is above you only God himself. The light which surrounds him is your robe; the rays of his glory are your diadem and your crown; the scepters of earth are at your feet; monarchs are your subjects; the universe is your empire.

Lovable Mediatrix, we offer you a homage of tenderness and confidence. All the treasures of the Divinity are within your hands. We honor your credit and your power, and the use you make of them for the happiness of those who invoke you. Sinners owe to you their conversion; the tepid, their renewal in piety; the just, their fervor and the consummation of their merits.

Mother of goodness, we offer you a homage of gratitude and of love; we owe it to the most tender, the most charitable of mothers. Ransomed by the blood of Jesus Christ, this precious blood which he took within your chaste womb, we have received this august Victim from your hands. It is from your own substance that you furnished the adorable price of our redemption. It is an only Son, a God, whom you have immolated for us. We shall never forget, O Mother of Sorrows, all that we have cost you.

Holy Virgin, model of all virtues, we offer you a homage of imitation and of conformity, to retrace in ourselves your humility, your purity, your submission to the will of heaven, your patience in trials, your intimate union with the heart of your divine Son.

Sovereign Queen of heaven and earth, at the foot of your throne where respect and love have enchained our hearts, we offer you our homage of service and praise; we consecrate ourselves to your worship; we embrace with joy a state of life where everything is done under your protection and everyone pledges himself to praise you, to serve you, to proclaim your greatness, and to defend your Immaculate Conception.

May our zeal for the honor of your worship and for the interests of your glory compensate you for the attacks of heresy, the outrages of unbelief, the indifference and neglect of the rest [of the greater part] of men. Mother of the Redeemer, dispensatrix of all graces, extend the empire of religion in souls, banish error, preserve the faith in this nation, protect innocence, preserve it from the snares of the world, from the false attractions of crime [sin]. Sensitive to our needs and favorable to our wishes, obtain for us the charity which animates the just, the virtues which sanctify them, the glory which crowns them".

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