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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Early Beginnings In Seoul

Seoul Formation House

In 1969 the Pacific Province sent another team to Korea. Bro. John O'Donnell arrived in Korea in August 1969 assigned to Mokpo as principal of the Middle School. Fr. James Mifsud and Bro. Paul Nomi arrived September 10th 1969 slated to establish a formation house in Seoul.

On November 2 1969 Bro. Joe Gossenreiter was put in charge of getting land for the new training center (Seoul Residence). A contract for this land was signed on January 14 1970. Construction of the Seoul Residence (photos on top) was completed. The Marianists moved into their home on October 10, 1970. In Mokpo, the Religious Community was also finished and the Mokpo Marianist moved into the new residence on the same day.

My Arrival in Seoul

On August 17, 1975, after a long plane trip and a wait as a transient at Haneda Airport in Japan, I arrived in Korea. Our Korean young Marianists in Seoul and Bro. Paul Nomi met me at the airport. We went by taxi to our Seoul House with the address: The Marianists, Mang Won Dong 403-2, Mapo Gu, Seoul Korea. Father Mifsud, the District Superior, was still in the United States Soliciting for funds.

The color photo above is dated c1975 so that photo shows the Formation House as I found it on my arrival. My room was on the second floor at the first window.

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