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Friday, May 25, 2012

HyoSong Hagwan

This building is a realization of Bro. Vianney Ahn's concept of a Lay Group having a free school for the poor as mission. The dedication of the school took place on April 6, 1975

The school was a short walk from a nearby shanty town which house prospective students.

Marianist Lay Communities

Aspirant John Vianney Ahn joined the Seoul Formation Community on March 6 1971. Even before he moved in, he was in charge of the CCD program at the Martyr's Shrine Parish within walking distance from our Seoul Community. He took his Novitiate Vows on January 2nd 1972.

The minutes of the Third Annual General Meeting of the Marianists in Mokpo indicate that Vianney was interested in the Family of Mary and desired to form a "Sodality" (a type of Marianist Lay Community) from his CCD teachers.

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