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Friday, May 4, 2012

First Marianist Community

Mokpo Community House

Occupants during 1965 were Bros. Tom Bediamol, Clarence Chew, Charles Goedde(director), John O'Donnell, Melvin Silva and Fr. Leonard Thome.

Still in Community in 1966 were Bros. Clarence Chew, Charles Goedde(director), Melvin Silva and Fr. Leonard Thome.

This house is 20' x 30' made of cement blocks. John Young, brother of Bro. Tony Young was supervisor of the building. Inside the house was a plywood separation dividing the space into two halves. One side was the sleeping area for as many as 6 people. There were three sets of double cots. The other half of the building served as a kitchen, living room, and all other activities. It was only in 1970 that a proper community house was built also supervised by Tony Young.

Our Windmill

The background of the little house shows the land to be devoted to the school. Note the windmill. Fr. Don Bracht (In charge of the Pacific Province Marianist Missions) sent the windmill to Korea for pumping water. Bro. Gossenreiter (Austrian Province) was also a member of the first Mokpo Community. He assembled the windmill which served to draw water from a well. The water was piped to fill barrels near the house. Eventually the city supplied the water.

(From phone interview with Charles Goedde, May 5th 2012)

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