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Monday, June 18, 2012

Building the Family of Mary

The Korean Marianist National Board celebrated the consecration of 12 new candidates on February 5 2006 in Seoul. In preparation for this ceremony, Bro. John Ko (Region of Korea) has spent the last several months mentoring the candidates on the characteristics of lay Marianists. (FamilyOnline Volume 5, Number 7 April 4, 2006)

Provincial Tim Eden's Visit

"During the last three years the growth of the Society of Mary in Korea has gone hand in hand with the development of the lay Family of Mary groups. My own experience with these groups began at Christmas in 1989 when I made my first visit to Korea. At that time, about a year after the first group began, there were three groups of women meeting regularly at the Seoul Formation Community."

"Under the direction of the newly professed brothers, and with the support of Bro. Dennis Schmitz and Fr. Francis Chang, a program of formation for Sodalists was developed... Today (1991) there are thirteen lay Family of Mary groups with a total membership of over one hundred and thirty people. ...there is a lay group associated with the community living at the Chaminade Retreat House in Inchon and with the Daughters of Mary, as well as the groups that have grown up around the new community in Seoul."

"The the overall direction of the several groups is coordinated through a board made up of representatives from the lay groups, the Marianists and the Daughters of Mary. The President of the board is an elected lay member, and the board itself is structured with the three offices."

In the foreground on the right is the updated 2006 Seoul Formation Building. In the back is a view of the 1991 Family of Mary building mentioned by Fr. Eden.

Perhaps the most impressive step the Korean District has taken in its commitment to the growth of the lay Family of Mary is in the building project completed just last Fall. A large, three-story building with offices, a number of meeting rooms, dining facilities, large chapel and a community residence for as many as nine Marianists was built on an unused portion of our property in Seoul. The main purpose of the building was to provide a center and headquarters for the growth of the Family of Mary, and there is seldom a day when one or several of the groups is not using the office and meeting facilities...

Provincial Tim Eden visit to Korea report. (PAC March 1 1992)

Sale of Property

By 2007 the local open market had expanded to fill the streets around the property. The property was too small and was sold to the government. I assume the Korean Community used space in Incheon until an interim property was purchased.

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