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Sunday, June 10, 2012

District and Regional Superiors

Read photos left to right. Bro. Vianney Ahn and Fr. Augustine Song.

The first District Superior of Korea was Fr. James Mifsud (1976). Jim Had planned to leave Korea in 1980 so the Koreans could take over the District. Before Jim left Korea (December 9 1980) Bro. Vianney Ahn (안병초) took office as the second Korean District Superior.(December 7 1980). His First Vows were taken on January 22, 1973; He took final vows on January 2, 1977.

When Augustine Song (송병섭) came to the Society he was already ordained Deacon. He took first vows in 1978 and final vows December 8 1979 (PAC). He was ordained to the priesthood on January 22 1980. (Feb 15 PAC) He was the third District Superior. (Dec 15, 1986-December 1989 - PAC Jan 15, 1990).

Francis Chang (장회성) Made first vows on Dec 8 1978. Fr. Francis Chang was ordained to the priesthood in Queen of Apostles Church San Jose by Most Rev. Daniel Walsh, Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco on July 7, 1985 (PAC). Fr. Provincial John Bolin arrived in Seoul Dec. 21, 1989 for three and a half weeks in part to attend the 6-day Korea District Council. It is quite clear that Francis was made District Superior on January 22nd 1990 (Chaminade Day).

John Ko (고진배) took first vows on Dec. 8 1978. He became Fifth District Superior (Feb. 2, 2993-June 1994 and First Dependent Regional Superior (June 1449 - May 25 2000). The Korean District became a Dependent Region on May 15 1995. (Dependent to the Pacific Province USA)

Bro. Matthew Woo (우상선) made his first vows on Aug. 12 1979. He took office as Second Korean Dependent Regional Superior on May 25 2000. (PAC May 15 2000)

Timothy Kim (김때오) Made his profession of first vows at the Chaminade Retreat House in Inchon on Jan. 22 1988. Fr. Timothy Kim took on the task of Independent Regional Superior on May 15 2005 (FamilyOnLine May 24 2005) On May 15 2005 The District of Korea became the independent Region of Korea. Pascal Lee became Regional Superior. The result was the Region was no longer dependent on the Province of the United States but was a free Region accountable to the General Administration in Rome.

Pascal Lee (이홍영 파스칼) made his first profession of vows on January 22 1989, Chaminade Day (PAC Feb. 15 1989), and final vows on February 2 1993. (PAC Dec. 1 1993). He was ordained to the priesthood in 1997. He was Regional Superior for 2 terms.

Francis Chang (장회성) was appointed Independent Regional Superior in December 2011. (Via Latina December 2011)

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