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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fr. Paul Schmidt

Photo of Fr. Paul Schmidt taken in July 1963 after a Blessing of Missionaries Mass in Fulda, Germany. The Mass was held at the St. Elizabeth Church. Fr. Paul is holding his Missionary Cross. He began his Mission when he arrived at the port of Pusan, Korea on October 18, 1963.

The Marianist Province of Austria sent Fr. Paul Schmidt (심재성 신부) to Korea in 1963 to begin missionary work to implant Marianist life in Korea.

For two years Paul studied the Korean language. Archbishop Han (한 주교) asked that the Austrian Marianists take over the Tokjin Parish in Chungju. Fr. Schmidt went to live and work there.

Left to Right; Bro. Wally Wong, Fr. Paul Schmidt, Fr. James Mifsud, Bishop William McNaughton ...

In 1969 Paul hoped to build his own church in Incheon. He contacted the Bishop of Incheon, Bishop William McNaughton. Father Paul's wish was authorized at the Second Annual General Meeting of Marianists in Korea (April 16,1971).

The dedication ceremony of the Sosa church took place on December 8, 1971.(오정 본덩) The Church was on the 2nd floor of a building there. Paul worked in the Sosa Parish until 1975 after having expanded the property with the help of donors in Germany. Paul left Korea in August 1976 for a home visit.

(Gossenreiter Interview - History of the Austrian Province in Korea- Pacific Archives Box 4 - C159.)

District of Korea

Up to this point Fr. Paul was working as a member of the Austrian Province. The General Chapter of 1976 (July 1 - August 15) brought all missionary works into the Marianist District of Korea.

Paul continued working on the the development of various parishes. My notes mentioned a visit to Bishop McNaughton about a contract for the Korean District about the Sankok Parish. (June 24 1979). This fact shows that the District was involved the 1884 dedication the Education Center.

Paul often made trips to raise funds some of which was used for the upgrade of the Sankok Parish (Holy Family Parish) in 1984. On September 5, 1988 a district council was held in Incheon. Paul decided to go his to his own parish in Incheon and finish his time in Korea there in November 1988. (50th anniversary in Korea book).

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  1. Welcome Brothers & Sisters in Mary..I oldest brother was Fr.Jim..Father was asked to go to Korea to get things off the ground. The initial Marianist's labored tirelessly and needed Fr.Jim's energy and vision.Always remember to try and make a difference in someone else's life.Mary needs you to Never Give Up..she didn't..