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Monday, July 30, 2012

Holy Family Parish

Korean Parish in 1970

At the time of this photo of the Holy Family Parish (인천 교구 산곡동 성가정 본당 - Sangok Church in Incheon), the Pacific Province foundation in Korea was still just beginning in Korea. The two Korean communities moved into their respective community houses in Seoul and Mokpo on October 10th 1970.( Fr. Mifsud letters)

The Austrian Province Foundation had been taking another path. The first Austrian Missionary, Fr. Paul Schmidt arrived at the Korean port town of Pusan on October 18th 1963. On January 5th 1970, the first Annual General Meeting of Marianists was held in Mokpo. Both Pacific and Austrian Marianists attended. At the Second Annual Meeting (October 16, 1971) Father Paul Schmidt was given permission to start a new parish.

Father Paul Schmidt went to Germany for fund raising. He returned from his trip on April 4 1970. He made several such trips. Paul was interested in building his own parish in Incheon as well as helping in working with other parishes such as the Holy Family Parish.

In 1983, General Fr. Quentin Hackenwerth and his team made a prolonged visit to Korea. (July 12-20). The District had not yet decided on the location of the proposed Chaminade Retreat House (Education Center) At one point District Superior Vianney Ahn visited Incheon Bishop McNaughton. After the General Administration left for Japan, the District decided to build the Chaminade Retreat House next to the Sangok Church (Holy Family Parish) starting August 22nd 1983. The Dedication ceremony of the Chaminade Retreat House took place on October 2 1984.

The renovation of the Holy Family Church was still in process. Fr. Paul Schmidt and his donors had given much support to this endeavor. (50th Anniversary book p. 350). By March 31 1985 there were a new rectory, kindergarten and convent.

Meanwhile, Fr. Augustine Song tried to get a visa to the United States so he could study English there. Soon Vianney Ahn sent a letter (Sept. 23 1983) to Provincial Jack Russi: "If Fr. Song cannot get a visa to the USA by December, we prefer to assign him to work in Korea. We would assign him to the Sangok parish located behind the Retreat Center."

Soon Bishop McNaughton asked that Fr. Song be assigned to the Sangok parish. He asked that Fr. Song would take over as pastor on Sunday, November 20 1983 and would be living in an apartment until the new priest house was built at the parish.

Parish in 2000

Parish in 2009

Church Address: Sangok-dong 5-15, Bupyeong-gu,Incheon, South Korea (인천 부평구 산곡동 5-15)

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