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Monday, July 2, 2012

Marianist Region of Korea 1994

The District

The 1976 General Chapter was held at Pollanza, in Northern Italy from July 1 - August 15, 1976. The plan prepared for Korea by the Austrian and Pacific Provinces for the Chapter was approved. Among the chief points was: The Korean Mission is designated a "district" of the Province and a local "district superior" will be named by the (Pacific) Provincial Council...(PAC No 7).

Fr. Jim Mifsud was appointed by the Pacific Province Council as District Superior in mid March 1974 (Letters of Jim Mifsud) which was made official after the 1976 General Chapter.

The 1983 Rule of Life states: A District is a territorial community composed of religious who live in local communities and work at a common mission under the leadership of a District Superior.

First meeting of the Regional Chapter. Bro. John Ko was named Regional Superior; Provincial Fr. John Bolin was in attendance.

The Dependent Region

"We received word on May 24 1994 that the Region of Korea has been established by the Superior General with the consent of the General Council. With this step the Society of Mary in Korea has reached a new level of maturity and autonomy, and a final step before becoming a Province.

The Charter of the Region, while continuing to recognize Korea as an integral part of the Pacific Province, establishes areas of self- governance, direction and representation.

Among those things that will change with Korea's Regional status is the right to send a delegate to the General Chapter and the General Leadership assembly, and the recognized legislative authority of the Regional Chapter." (PAC June 1 1994)

At the establishment of the Region, the Marianists of Korea number 23 professed members, with 17 Perpetually professed. This year there are three novices and three aspirants.

The works of the Region include: two high schools, Marianist High School in Mokpo and Daegon High School in Inchon; The Chaminade Retreat House and Holy Family Parish in Inchon; and the Formation House and the Family of Mary Center in Seoul.

Work with Marianist Lay Communities has grown remarkably in the last five years. There are now close to 200 members in Inchon and Seoul. (PAC June 1 1994)

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