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Sunday, August 19, 2012

ACEMS August 2011 Seminar

"From August 8-20 2011, an all-Asia Marianist seminar was held under the auspices of ACEMS (the Asian Center of Marianist Studies) on the Deepahalli campus at Bangalore, India. ACEMS was founded in 2008 by the SM zonal conference of Asia, with encouragement from the General Administration."

"For the first time in history, religious and lay Marianists, men and women, from all countries of Asia, were invited to come together to become better acquainted with Marianist themes, as well as pray and reflect on them."

"There were 35 participants sent by the leadership councils of each Asian branch of the Marianist family:

Daughters of Mary Immaculate

5 from Korea, 3 from Japan. and 1 from India, One sister from Japan was of Vietnamese origin.

Society of Mary

6 from Korea, 4 from Japan, 9 from India, 2 from the USA, and 2 from the Philippines. Three of the brothers from Korea have lived in China. and one of those from India works in Nepal.

Marianist Lay Communities

1 from Korea and l from India.

Five additional participants and resource persons"

"The participants tirelessly served as simultaneous translators, allowing everyone to be able to express themselves freely in Japanese, Korean or English."

"Resource-persons and speakers included the team of Marianist - Bro. Ray Fitz, Bro. Tom Giardino, Fr. Dave Fleming, and Mr. Savio Franco (MLC-Bangalore); assisted by Fr. Jacop Parappally (MSFS), Fr. Ambrose Pinto (SJ) and Fr. Emmanuel Uppamthadathil (MSFS). Bro Jack Ventura, SM, Executive Director-Designate of the ICMF was also present."(Via Latina #208 - November 2011)

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