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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chaminade House

Retreat Center Renovation

On October 2nd 1984 the Chaminade Retreat Center was completed. As time went on many changes were made in the mission of the House. Following the dictum of Father Chaminade, It was decided that a renovation was needed more fitting to the new “Signs of the Times”. The Korean Retreat Center would be remodeled as a Senior Center called “Chaminade House”. (노인전문요양원)

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Initial remodeling began on September 1st 2005 ending March 29th 2006. Further changes were needed to construct the building as a Senior Center. A ground breaking ceremony was opened by a talk by Regional Superior Fr. Timothy Kim.

Blessing of Chaminade House

On Nov 29 2007 Bishop of Incheon Boniface Choi presided at the blessing of the Chaminade House. By this time other buildings on the property such as a new community house had been completed.

Bishop Boniface Choi

Bishop Boniface Choi was ordained a priest on Dec. 6, 1975 and appointed as Coadjutor Bishop of Incheon on Oct. 29, 1999. He was installed as Bishop of Incheon on April 25, 2002 on the same day that Bishop McNaughton resigned.

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