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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Korean's China Mission

After the Mass of sending: Bro. Stephen Lee (이영재) just left of center; Bro. John Woo (우비호) center; Fr. Timothy Kim just right of center.

At the March 3-17 2001 visitation to Korea of General Fr. David Fleming and Japan Provincial Fr. Louis Shimizu and the Koreans considered a Marianist Foundation in Asia.

A hint about this foundation was given in a sermon by Provincial John Russi at the Mass of Christian Burial for Bro. John O'Donnell on September 12, 2001 at the Marianist Center Chapel. (PAC Sept 15 2001): Provincial Fr. John Russi gave the homily which touched on a possible foundation in China:

"Just recently, our Society had its General Chapter in Rome. As we were looking toward the future, one of the areas that we saw as being very important for the future of the Church and the mission of Mary, is for the Society of Mary to expand in places where the gospel is not preached and not well known. And so we are looking into China, Eastern Europe, Cuba, India, Africa, Mexico and elsewhere..."

Years later China was chosen for the Asian foundation. At last on August 15 2004 a Missionary Blessing Mass was held for Bro. Stephen Lee (이영재) and Bro. John Woo (우비호) who were to implant the Order in China.

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